Saturday, August 16, 2008

We Have a Winner!

Here is the moment you've been waiting for! At first I was just going to write all ya'lls names on scraps of paper and have one of my kids draw out of a hat, but then Krissy, my blogging buddy, introduced me to I entered your names there....and the winner is....

Congratulations, Jia! (Didn't you just love how by pressing the space bar 20 times I was able to make it so much more suspenseful?)

You can find Jia's post HERE. Jia, just email me your mailing address and I'll get your gift to you!

If you're not Jia, are you sad that you didn't win? Never fear, you will get a chance to win jewelry like this every month! I have so enjoyed your tips, ideas, how-to's and even homemaking disasters (such as Jia's), that I have decided to host my own weekly blog carnival. I am calling it...

This is probably going to be a different kind of carnival than most of you have seen. Here are the rules:

1. Enter your screen name in "Mr. Linky" (this form will be posted at 6:00 AM every Monday) followed by a three or four word description of your post in parenthesis, like so:

mom2my9 (blackberry smoothies)

Your post can be about anything having to do with homemaking. You could consider topics like:

Raising Kids
Saving Money
Studying Scriptures

Food Storage
...or anything else that has to do with making your home a better place. You can even share homemaking disasters, because we can all learn from your mistakes!

2. Enter the URL of the post you want to enter, NOT your home page, otherwise I will have to go through and fix it. I might get angry and you wouldn't like me when I'm angry! (jk) If you don't know how to enable individual post pages, just go to your dashboard, then SETTINGS, then ARCHIVING, then ENABLE POST PAGES.

3. Please leave a comment.


4. Add my link graphic to your post and get entered ONE MORE TIME! (You can get the code below.)

Grab the code!

5. Add my graphic to your sidebar and leave it there and get entered FOUR MORE TIMES EACH MONTH!

Is that clear as mud? But really, if you have any questions, please leave a comment and let me know.

The monthly prize will be a piece of Mexican jewelry, like the one just won, pictured here...

One last thing. If you'll notice my graphic...'ll see the words "yours, mine, and ours".
This means that each week I will feature my favorite submission from the previous week- "YOURS",
then I will post my homemaking tip - "MINE",
and finally I will post "Mr. Linky" and we will all enter our posts - "OURS"!

If your post gets featured, you can put this button on your sidebar if you would like...

Grab the code below...

So, I hope to see you each and every Monday! Let's get together and improve one another's lives!

Here is the list of posts that were submitted for this contest. Enjoy!

Suzanne - Egg Substitutions
Suzanne - Bottling Butter
Suzanne - Making a Denim Skirt
Jan - Winning the War on Laundry
Amanda B.- Baking Brownies with Young Children
Jia - Scary Tales From the Kitchen
Amanda - Get Your Kids to Work
Cambria - Re-doing a Child's Bedroom
Betty - Chocolate Pie
Elena - Fresh Towels
Laurice - Keep the Weight Off
Candy - Crochet Swiffer Covers
BrineS - Modern Wall Art
Merriane - Keep Measuring Cups Clean
Dejah - Using Lists
Dejah - Baking Safety
Dejah - Swiffer Wet Jet


Derrick and Laurice said...

That's beautiful! I'll be trying again.

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

I will see what I can do! What a grand idea!
By the way, Miss Krissy learned how to do the random thing from her momma! I'm just saying! LOL

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS TO HER! I am jealous...but that is ok :)

i'll have to try again •

Amanda B. said...

Congratulations, Jia! I am jealous too, but am happy for you! :)

Krissy said...

HAHAH ... My secrets are out. lol Dang. Oh well.... maybe now that I know how it all goes and what's enter-able I can put more thought into it.

Ok, question. Do you design your own graphics? How do you get the code for them? I'm totally confused!

Melinda Pink said...

What a great idea Jen, I look forward to some great ideas.

Mom2my9 said...

Krissy, to answer your question, yes, I do design my own graphics. I'm trying to squeeze out some creative juices! As far as passing on the code, I looked high and low to try to find out how to do it and finally, after two months of searching, I found this page...

Hope this works for you!