Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dear God, I Have 6 Questions For You, in No Particular Order of Importance

Dear God,

#1: Okay, let's start off with creation, something that's on my mind A LOT. What I was wondering is, why is it that every step in the process of creating children (well, except the first step, that step is pretty fun) is so exhausting/nauseating/hormonal/incredibly uncomfortable/excruciatingly painful? I know you have some really good reasons, I just don't get them and would like to, so just wondering.

#2. Why is it, that when babies are cutting new teeth, that they get fevers and runny noses? I just don't understand the correlation there. Again, I'm sure you have a great reason, I just don't comprehend it.

#3. Why is it that some people are born into the most abject of poverty-stricken situations, and can never rise above it, and some people are born into the lap of luxury and always remain there?

#4. Why is it that I have had the privilege of being born as a human being, in this day and age, in this country, where I am afforded an unbelievable amount of freedom, compared to women who have lived in other times and other places? And why wasn't I born as a dog? Or a praying mantis? Or a caveman...I mean woman? Anyways, thanks SOOOO much for that. I'm certainly not complaining, because I certainly would not want to be most of the dogs I know.

#5. During the time of "trials and tribulations", you know, right before your son Jesus Christ comes for the second time, are we going to have a long period of time without computers/internet access? It's just that I need to know, because if so, I need to start printing out all of my photos and put them in cute albums, instead of storing them on my hard drive, and I'll need to find something else to do with my spare time, because I spend a lot of it on the internet.

#6. Why did you make rainbows and music and flowers? Is it just because you love us and wanted to do something really nice for us, just for the sole purpose of making us happy? It seems like it, because those things really do. And thank you.

God, I don't know if you read blogs or have your numberless concourses of angels read them and report back for inappropriate content, but I DO know that you answer our prayers. Soooo, I guess what I need to do is to get down on my knees and start asking these questions if I really want the answers. Thanks for listening...God...and anyone else who is.

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Melinda said...


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

I dont get the teething thing either~ lol whats up with that!

alessandra said...

Oh My! Your hormones are really crazed, lol!

Manda Mae said...

here, here!!! well put!!!

Jenna Consolo said...

Those are some pretty good questions!

Cheryl B. said...

I am not God, in no way shape or form do I claim to be ,,, I have numerous "mean mom awards" - NOT 'the being of God' awards.
But I do know the answers to a couple of your ?'s.
#1 - totally has to do with "the fall". After mankind chose to sin against God, there were consequences. Part of it for the man was that the soil would be hard to toil upon, full of briars, etc.. For the women, a great part had to do with childbirth/hormones. There have been many a time that I have 'informed' Eve, that even if the fruit of that forbidden tree had been chocolate dipped strawberries - even then all of this would so not have been worth it!! 8-/!!
As for the original creating a baby part being 'fun' - God designed it to be so, despite what many of our mothers tried to convince us otherwise about. God designed the 'intimate relationaship' between a husband and his wife to be pleasurable. So-o thankful he didn't change that with 'the curse' too ... o;-} Okay ... moving on ....
#2 has to do with how all of our body parts/organs are inter-connected. Like how a catch in a certain part of your back can make your hand/wrist muscles suddenly not work properly/correctly. Or how I sometimes get a severe ache in a particular tooth, and have even gone to the dentist a couple of times due to it - only to lean that actually I have a inflamed sinus cavity which runs directly into that tooths root. Our bodies are made up of totally interconnected organs/parts. Sometimes - that can be beneficial {Such as how your husbands breath in your ear can affect more than just your ear (o;-p)}. Other times, such as in teething, it can be almost untolerable - to both the person suffering through it, as well as to those around them. Erma Bobmbeck wrote about how she had read that rubbing rum on the gums help cut the pain of teething - she found it helped her tremendously in dealing with her kids teething - she applied it to her (own) gums about every three hours (LOL!!).
All of that inter-connecting etc. makes me really wonder how people can believe in the 'big bang' theary ...
The only thing I've gathered for #3 is that those born into the lap of luxury are instructed to reach out and give a hand up (not a hand out) to those born into poverty. Some do ... others fail miserably.
I too have often wondered about #4 - and used it as an illustration when teaching ... And I too am ever so thankful that I don't have to bother with bustles and hoops, and that I do have indoor plumbing and heat, etc. ... Such blessings we sometimes over look.
#5 - I too have been contemplating printing off all of my postings, seeings how so many of them record events from our life - and putting them in page protectors in huge notebooks ... Need to set money aside for ink for that ...
#6 - us humans are the equivilant of God's 'supreme' creation. He delights in us, and wants us to delight in Him. He purposelly made/created things which would show us His glory, so that we would praise and glorify Him. We get joy out of His creatin - He gets joy our of our praise. Wonderful circle!!! :-}
And yes, we are suppose to bring our request and supplications to Him, along with our praise and worship.
Typical me - "a bit" long winded (o;-p) ...
Cheryl B.

side note, above your comment box it reads: "Thanks for stopping by. Please leave a comment because you never know, we just might become great friends!" Are we there yet? ;-p

Mom2my9 @ 11th Heaven said...

Cheryl, your answer was amazing! I should have just asked YOU most of my questions! And yes, I would definitely say that we are great friends now!