Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How to Change a Dirty Diaper (or 2) if You Are Already Nauseated

Warning: This post is not for the faint of heart.

This tip is perhaps something most of you may not use today...or tomorrow...but you may use it if you ever become pregnant while you have a tot in diapers. You can thank me then.

First of all, upon the moment of smelling that the twins have poopy diapers...

(Here the little darlings are, but with freshly-changed diapers...*)

...I start breathing with my mouth. Yes, they say that less foreign matter enters the body if you breathe with your nose, because there are more filters via that route, but if I don't have to smell the stuff, there's a much less likely chance that I will hurl.

Second, once I lie the baby down, I get at least 4 wet wipes out and ready to go so as to make as quick an escape as possible once the process begins. I also make sure to give the baby a small toy to discourage him from flipping over and trying to escape himself.

Next, I take a deep breath, hold it, then carefully un-velcro the diaper. Now comes the key, most important part. I use the front inside of his diaper to wipe down as much junk from off his nether regions as possible, then fold the top onto the rest of the diaper, effectively hiding from myself the contents. This affords me a much higher success rate of not actually throwing up.

At this time, there is very little residue I have to deal with, as I've just wiped most of it into his diaper, and I use the four remaining wipes to take care of this job. If I do have to breathe during this time, I do so with my mouth, in a sideways direction, hoping to avoid inhaling any small, noxious particles that may remain in the air.

After the baby is set free, I roll up the diaper tightly, to about the size of a baseball, velcro it back together and make one of the older kids throw it away.

Since I have twins and feed them the same thing every day at the same time, I then repeat this process one more time.

I promise you, some of you WILL thank me later. Really. Thanks for listening.

The following is a photo taken in our garden to help you get back the good feeling you had before reading this post. Enjoy...

*To find out how I antiqued the above twin photo, click HERE.

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Amanda B. said...

Oh, I have soooooo been there. :)

Momza said...

been there, done that! Amen sister!
PS love the zinnias!

Anonymous said...

I can remember those days...many, many years ago.
Cute little boys, maybe stinky, but really cute.

Kimberly @ RaisingOlives said...

Yes, I know what that is like although we've never had twins. I'm not sure that I would make it through two yucky diapers with out being sick, but I'm a mast at making it through 1. :)

The Garden of Egan said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about the nausea and diaper thing. I've been babysitting grandchild #5 and it brings back many such memories.

Lydia said...

I have been trying to teach this concept to mu hubby for 12years. Next time just think of him and the half box of wipes that he uses instead of the diaper first. It really is a sight.

young mother hubbard said...

That's exactly what I did too with one small improvement. If I was wearing glasses I'd tuck a wipe under the nose piece. Very helpful!