Wednesday, July 9, 2008

20 Things I Do Over and Over Again Everyday

1. Breastfeed THESE little people

2. Set the timer so the kids will know when their 15-minute turn with a twin is up.

3. Change size 3 diapers

4. Change size 4 diapers

5. Look between couch cushions for the remote

6. Look at the clock and calculate the hours until bedtime.

7. Wonder why I am so fat

8. Eat a bowl of ice cream

9. Stand and wonder how my van can get so dirty so quickly

10. Kiss THESE babies

11. Run my hand through THIS one's hair because I can't believe I have such a beautiful flax-blonde little boy

12. Call THIS man at work, my dearly beloved, just to hear his voice

13. Call THIS sister in California, to talk about absolutely nothing

14. Wipe down my island

15. Wonder how the gene pool division gave THIS, my child, the darkest one in the pool, such beautiful rootbeer-colored skin

16. Scrub dirt, food, grime and other unmentionables off THESE and other little bodies

17. Tell THIS child, on the right, "no"

18. Tell THIS child to get off the computer or turn off the TV

19. Look at THIS child in wonder because she's such a good little mama

20. Check my blog for comments (I know, I'm pathetic, but I don't get out much, and hearing from all of you helps!)


Kelli said...

I cannot believe Johnny's hair!!!! I can't beleive Landon!!! I think they are the ones who have changed the most. I think you should plan a trip out here in 2009. You won't see the big guy, but that's why I probably need you to come visit... The big D is happening again....

Anonymous said...

And I loved this blog. Everyday I get to kiss the author of this blog! That is the highlight of the day which starts while she is still sleeping with the twins (slight jealousy) and ends long before she gives out. How lucky am I? Thanks for all you do for our family. The kids are the luckiest in the world & I still wonder how I was so blessed to have you come into my life!
You are the best & I love you!

Derrick & Laurice said...

Don’t you just love talking to sisters about nothing! Derrick always laughs because my sister Lacey and I can talk forever and then he will ask what we talked about and as always the answer is nothing really.

Amanda B. said...

I so could have written this post- just insert pictures of my kids and my sister I talk to often for no reason, and my husband I also call (or he me) just to say hi. we used that same baby floor gym thing too! And, I admit, I check mine for comments way too often...... I loved this- I swear it sounds just like my day! :) (and the comment that must be from your husband- that has got to be THE SWEETEST thing!!!!! :)

Dejah said...

And yet you are still in controll!Honestly how do you do it?

Barbiemat said...

I love it!!!! Your kids are beautiful.

Fun with the Romneys said...

Jen i miss you!

The Farmer's Wife said...

hey...I love ready that anonymous guys comments...they are so sweet and kind;) You made me think about the things I do over and over, I have an interesting list going! It may be worth a post. Those are some blessed kids and a lucky man!