Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Newfound Fatness or The Frosting on the Cake

Here are a few of the things I don't like about my newfound fatness...

-How some parts of the sides of my back now hang down over themselves, like Ursula, in The Little Mermaid. In fact, we, in our family, call it "Ursula back".

-How it always seems to be hotter than before.

-How when I look up, like at the stars, I can feel the back of my head touching the fat on the back of my neck.

-And I thought my thighs rumbled before? Now it's just ridiculous!

-How people used to say, "You look really good for having five (or six or seven) kids. Now they don't say it much at all.

I think this post was inspired by the fact that I hit an all-time low last night. I had foolishly stayed up until 1 o' clock in the morning, using the babies' sleeping time as my fun time on the computer. Just as I was going to bed, Joseph woke up to be fed. After putting him back to bed at around 2, I innocently walked through my parents' kitchen to get a glass of water, only to be met unawares by half of a key lime cake. I was stressed out to the max after dealing with the babies all day, so, I think for comfort, I thought I'd take a quick forkful of frosting. Well, ten minutes later, the entire cake was a misshapen lump devoid of frosting or form. I went to bed feeling worse than ever, and now I am telling the world about it. Go figure!


Kelli said...

I was totally up at the same time! Only I was wishing there was a key lime pie to lick! You need to not be so hard on yourself. Nursing boy babies actually requires Key lime pie in the middle of the night. Didn't you see that study?
love ya!

Cambria, Greg, Alan and Molly said...

ugghh, I hear ya. You look at it and think- oh so yummy- and then you eat it and think- oh I wish I could throw up. You have just fallen off the band wagon for a bit. Tomorrow is a new day with 5 minutes somewhere to take a brisk walk. =)

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

I am with Kelli...nursing boy twins EARN you the right to eat the cake and THE FROSTING TOO! LOL
This was HYSTERICAL! I've only had 7 pregnancies and I still need to loose a LOT of weight! My baby is 17 now! LOL
You are one funny lady! Don't be so hard on yourself-aren't the twins just a few months old?

Jen said...

Yes, the twins are only a few months old, but the embarrasing thing is, I already lost all my weight four weeks after having them, then gained back ten pounds! ARRGGHH!

Amanda B. said...

Oh do I totally understand!!!!!! Been there! Can't tell you how many times I have stayed up too late playing, just to be woken by a baby as soon as I was laying down, causing me to be up later- causing me to eat things I shouldn't when I shouldn't. Soooo many times I have went for a forkful of something to then go on to eating all/most of it. It is tough- but nursing twins does help combat that! :)

rachelle said...

it's official. you're hilarious!