Sunday, July 27, 2008

Why I loved my 30's more than my 20's

This post is in honor of my beautiful friend, Rachelle, who is turning 30 today. She is not happy about it, but what she doesn't realize is that this decade could be the best of her life so far! The following is a list of 30 reasons why I've loved my thirties much more than my twenties. You know that I usually love to include pictures, but I had a deadline (the end of Rachelle's birthday) so I had to forgo that touch. You'll get over it.

1. In my 20's, I was shy. In my 30's I'm not.
2. In my 20's, God gave me 4 children. In my 30's He gave me 5.
3. In my twenties, doctors treated me like I knew very little. In my 30's they respect me.
4. In my 20's, I didn't know I would look cute in short hair. In my 30's I learned I did.
5. In my 20's I thought that the best way to teach was by spanking. In my 30's I learned that there were better ways.
6. In my 20's I thought that I had to have a perfect body to be happy. In my 30's I learned to be happy no matter what my body looked like.
7. In my 20's I knew little about The Book of Mormon. In my 30's I rearranged my priorities and learned about God's word.
8. In my 20's I thought I could never handle loss. I my 30's I learned that I could.
9. In my 20's I thought that one wrinkle was the end of the world. In my 30's I learned that more wrinkles mean more experience and knowledge!
10. In my 20's I was scared of teenagers. In my 30's I grew to love them and realized that there were no more honest people on earth.
11. In my 20's I didn't know how to make churro beans. In my 30's I learned.
12. In my 20's I lived in a series of really small houses. In my 30's I got a larger one.
13. In my 20's we could only afford to go to the dollar movies. In my 30's we could sometimes go to the regular theaters, and get popcorn and Sprite, too.
14. In my 20's I was judgemental. In my 30's I've learned to look for the good in all people and try to ignore the bad.
15. In my 20's I had to wear heels to church. In my 30's I embraced the Mary Jane and have had fewer back problems.
16. In my 20's I'd never been to Disney Land. In my 30's I went.
17. In my 20's I longed for twins. In my 30's I got them.
18. In my 20's I didn't know how to make fried green tomatos. I my 30's I learned.
19. In my 20's I looked forward to going to the mall. In my 30's I look forward to being a grandma.
20. In my 20's I was afraid to raise my hand in gospel doctrine class. In my 30's I'm not.
21. In my 20's I thought that I would die when one of my children moved away. In my 30's I learned that you miss them, but here is where you experience the REAL fruits of your parental labors.
22. In my 20's I didn't know the importance of keeping the sabbath. In my 30's I learned.
23. In my 20's I didn't know how The Holy Ghost could be a comforter. In my 30's I learned that having The Spirit in times of trial is like anesthesia.
24. In my 20's, I never slept with my babies. In my 30's I grew to love sleeping with them, even two or three at a time!
25. In my 20's I didn't know what a joy it would be to have a son who makes better chocolate chip cookies than I do. In my 30's I learned.
26. In my 20's I didn't know how amazing it would be to read my daughter's poetry and stand in awe of her writing skills. In my 30's I learned.
27. In my 20's I didn't have a teen-aged boy who could fix lots of stuff. In my 30's I do.
28. In my 20's I never knew what it would be like to play the piano while my daughters sing like angels over my shoulder. In my 30's I learned.
29. In my 20's I didn't have a testimony of Family Home Evening. In my 30's I gained one.
30. In my 20's I thought it would reek to turn 30. In my 30's I've calculated, that in 20 years I should have about 30 grandkids. 58 here I come!

Rachelle, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are going to love the next decade! Rachelle also has an amazing foodie blog. Check it out HERE!

She has such an astonishing knowledge of the culinary delights now, I can't imagine what she's going to be like as a 30-something! Go Rachelle!


laurice. said...

I am so glad you posted that! So sweet.

CJ, The Purple Diva said...

Thanks so MUCH for sharing this wonderful list! I may do something like this for my birthday in a few months!

Cambria said...

That was tender. I just saw her and she seemed to be doing good, all things considered!

Elder Romney's mission said...

Yes Jen I completely agree with everything!! You are must more inhibited in your 30's and you learn to not care what other people think just so you are happy with yourself!!

Amanda B. said...

I loved reading this because I am at that pivotal time in my life. I am almost 31 and I have discovered many of those things about my 30's that are definitely better than 20- I feel like I fit into my own skin better, am definitely more confident and much stronger testimonies, etc. Being 30 is great!!! :)

BTW- I just looked at my comment where I told you that I entered the contest. I noticed the URL got cut off. I put the whole thing in, but some got cut off when I posted it. Did you see the entry? Sorry about that!! (It is still the first on my blog, so it is easy to find.) Sorry- I was so proud of myself for doing it all right! :)

Anonymous said...

In my 20's, 30's, & 40's I was single with no kids, In my 50's I have 9.... and a wonderful wife to boot!
The anonymous husband of the author of this blog.

Carla said...

I'm only 42 and am racking up the "why 40s are better than 30s"-I agree with all your list (except the twins;)

Elena said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I got my template from they're all free and they have lots of cute ones and lots of not so cute ones, and they will make you a custom one for a small price if you like, I love all things black and white and definitely that pattern so it was just what I was looking for. So until I can afford photoshop and all those amazing programs, that is where I'll go. Hope you find something you like!

Amanda said...

I love my 30's. My son is making us dinner as I play on the computer. Plus, if I'm like my mom I will only get better looking with age. Here's hopeing....

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU--THANK YOU--THANK YOU!! I totally needed this post!!!!!

as you know from my blog, i just turned 30 on July 20th!!! ♥

Kristin said...

Jenny, I finally got onto your blog! I can't wait to catch up on all that I've missed!

The Farmer's Wife said...

I am with you Jen...I loved my 30's mostly because they were my baby years...and it just passed too fast.

C said...

I turn 30 exactly 6 months from today. I loved reading this! I've never been too worried about it, but I can see I have more to look forward to than I realized :-)

Rachelle Vernon Jones said...

aw jen, you are too sweet! i loved your post! it reminded me what great things i have to be thankful for, and look forward to. in my 30's i- realized what GREAT friends i have!! you're awesome. !!hugs!!

Jarmeg Family said...

Loved this post, I agree I think your 30s are your prime!

Anonymous said...

I loved your blog. You have a wonderful way of finding joy in all the simple, as well as, the special moments in your life. It made me realize that if you look for joy, it is there for the taking. If you are finding so much happiness in your thirties, I can't wait to read about your forties. Way to go!