Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My First Blogging Award

Who would have known that my cute little friend, Laurice, would have started such a thing as this? She, among others, repeatedly nagged, I mean, suggested that I start blogging because, for one thing, it would be neat to share the day to day experiences I have with the twins. I resisted for a long time, shunning the idea because I couldn't imagine where I would find the time, but I finally gave in. Two months later, I have THIS award!

I have experienced so much joy since I started blogging in May. I found that I have more than enough time to do it, as I am able to use my "Bosom Buddy" pillow to nurse the twins while I sit at the computer and type or read other peoples blogs. I love being able to read and find out that women out there understand what it is like to stay home to raise a family and sometimes feel like you're looking at the same four walls all day. However, because of blogging, I have learned to find interest and excitement in the average, every day occurrences in my life, like dressing a baby,

teaching kids how to work,

being overweight,

and one of my readers' all-time favorites, small kitchen appliances!

I don't think I'm funny, but I guess some people do, so I imagine that is why The Purple Diva granted me this award. I began visiting The Purple Diva's site a few weeks ago, entered her contest, and now have internet-met a wonderful mom, grandma and blogger! Thank you so much for your award, Diva. It makes me want to be a better person.



Amanda B. said...

Wow! That is pretty cool! Congratulations! :) I do enjoy reading this. Good to know an 8 year old can successfully clean a bathroom. I haven't had my 7 year old do much "real" cleaning yet because I wasn't sure he was old enough/capable yet- maybe I need to think it through a bit more. :)

Derrick & Laurice said...

I told you that you would love it! And your blog is always so interesting! I love reading what you are doing and your outlook on life. It’s very inspiring!