Saturday, July 19, 2008


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OKAY... because of the hints I posted about the upcoming contest with attached prize, there seem to be some serious misconceptions of what the prize will actually be. In order to clear things up, let me just speak to those of you who thought I would be giving away a trip to Mexico. In reality, the only way I could give away a trip to Mexico is if YOU drive with me and my family for 20 hours, one way, to our Mexican beach-get-away vacation next week in this:

Now, do you really want this prize? I think not. Not sure you don't want this prize? Here are the ages of the children who will be traveling with me and my ever-so-patient, WONDERFUL husband: 16, 13, 12, 8, 6, 2, 5 months and 5 months. Still not convinced?
Try to imagine the trip from the 5-month-old child up:
There's the crying...(twin)
More crying...(other twin)
The whining...(2 yr. old)
The bathroom breaks...(6 yr. old)
The arguing...(8 yr. old)
The "accidental" poking...(12 yr. old)
The sulking...(13 yr. old)
The earphones and the IPODs and the blank stares because they can't hear anything you say...(16 yr. old)
...and the Cheerios. My GOSH, the CHEERIOS! They will COVER the floor of the van, being CRUSHED into every fiber of the carpet. They will be under the babies bottoms in their car seats. They will be in drink holders and crumbled where the seatbelts meet the seats.

No, I will not be awarding you a trip to a Mexican beach resort with my family. However, I actually will be taking this trip and the prize I will be giving away will be a tasteful souvenir which I will purchase during our travels. I truly hope no one is too disappointed!

Stick around for more details about the contest, but here's something you can do to get started: Start thinking of your favorite homemaking tips, ideas, how-to's, etc. They can be in any homemaking category, such as:

-Raising Children-
-Food Storage-
-Frugal Living-
-Crafting -
-Spiritual Teaching-
...or anything else that has to do with making your home a better place

I will ask you to post a blog about afore mentioned topics and I will award the prize to the post or blog I feel will speak to my readers the most.

Now, about the prize. I'm not even sure what I will bring back....Hey, I know. How about you leave a comment for me and make a suggestion of what you might like to win. This could be fun! Think hard, 'cause you could be the winner!

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CJ, The Purple Diva said...

Well, while the vacation sounds like a dream come true, I am glad you let me know that it's not a vacation with you that I would win!
The thing I would LOVE to have is some HOMEMADE TORTILLAS from Mexico!
Nothing like the REAL thing!

Anonymous said...

Now I ask you, isn't my wife just he best? Here she is pulling all this together at the same she is dealing with the daily requirements/issues of a large family. I am constanly amazed and what she can do. I feel left in the dust when it comes to her thoughtfullness and service. I'm pretty lucky eh? Plus she is gorgeous on top of that!

The Farmer's Wife said...

Jen...thanks for the sweet comment about are totally right, life's challenges are amplified at that age...I am gad she has Kyla as a friend too! Do tell about your vacation plans...

laurice. said...

How fun for you! I love how you describe the drive...perfect! I know exactly how that goes.

Anonymous said...

WOWZA! That sounds like it would be ONE WILD RIDE!!! ha ha!!

you are LUCKY though to be blessed with so many children!!! :)

and..I added you to my blog roll♥