Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Report on "Instructions for Kids on How to Clean a Bathroom"

While some say that these instructional posts for kids have been helpful to their own families, one of my main purposes in posting them is so my kids can simply come to my blog to get their list of tasks and go to it! We tried this first-hand today when my eight-year-old, Landon, cleaned my mom's bathroom.

We simply set up the laptop where the two-year-old couldn't reach it, explained to Landon that he was to simply follow the instructions to the letter, and it worked wonders! He did a fantastic job (you would believe it if you had seen what the toilet looked like before I snapped the shot, what with 18 people using this one toilet!), didn't have to continually ask me what to do next, and he didn't complain even once! (See? he's not frowning!) I did realize, however, after checking his work, that I, myself, had left out two key items in the instruction set. To view the corrected post, click here.

Let me know what successes you have with this style of coaching kids. You can even have them look at my blog as they clean, as I did with my son. The next time they ask to get on the computer, say yes, then pull up this site. Won't that be funny! Or you may want to type up your own set of custom instructions and tape them to the wall to whichever room they apply. JUST HAVE FUN!


CJ, The Purple Diva said...

How cute a little cleaner!
Thank goodness it was clean when you snapped this shot!

Jarmeg Family said...

I haven't been here in awhile and all your posts have been great! It's good to see the bathroom post- I think my 7 year old will do a better job now!

C said...

Hi Jen!
I'm still in Utah, but will probably be home Tuesday. I've missed you so much! I love all your posts. Landon looks so cute with his buzz cut and he does look happy :-)
I let T read your comment, she was happy. I'm glad you've had a great reunion.
My belly is huge now, you'll love it!!

Elena said...

Jen I love your blog! I love reading your how to instructions for kids. I don't have kids yet but I am going to use them for my husband! I'll let you know if it works. Blog on!!!

Troy the Marathon Man said...

I got your message, you're now updated in my list. Congrats on the award...that's pretty cool. My cousin the famous blogger.

Amanda B. said...

wow- lots of weird comments, huh? Odd...that's too bad. Love the new address though- even with just 4, I get that question- you have to be so tired of hearing it. I also love the classic "you have your hands full, don't ya?" (ya think?)